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The Perfect Ice Cream Truck Treat, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Each ice cream truck treat is truly a unique treasure. And, because you are too, we’ve consulted the zodiac to figure out which treat speaks the most to who you are. 

Given you’re here, there, and everywhere, Push-Up Pops are a true match for your on-the-go energy. 

Aries: Push-Up Pops

As the most sensual sign of the zodiac, you are the epitome of the decadent Choco Taco. Deliciously complex, this well-crafted treat reflects your love of indulgence.

Taurus: Choco Taco

If there’s one thing that makes the Chipwich so irresistible, it’s the duality of ice cream and cookie — much like your celestial twin spirit!

Gemini: Chipwich

You may come off as cold and icy at first, but it doesn’t take long for people to get a taste of who you really are — sweet, soothing, and easy to please. 

Cancer: Creamsicle

If the name of this treat doesn’t reflect the nature of your fiery spirit, we don’t know what does. Charismatic and big-hearted, you’re always the star of the show.

Leo: Firecracker

People can always count on you to get the job done — just like this fudgy, decadent treat that always, always hits the sweet spot.

Virgo: Fudge Pop 

The harmonious blend of shaved ice, simple sugar, and drizzle of color speaks to your love of beauty, balance, and visual splendor. 

Libra: Snow Cone 

Ah, the Screwball. Icy, obscure, and perhaps a little intimidating, you (and this treat!) also happen to be sweet and full of surprises.

Scorpio: Screwball 

Optimistic and free-spirited, you march to the beat of your own drum(stick). This classic treat has been around since the beginning of time, just like the old soul that you are. 

Sagittarius: Drumstick 

You’re a traditionalist — and anyone who knocks that has clearly never experienced the pure joy of a classic ice cream sandwich. 

Capricorn: Ice Cream Sandwich 

Can you get any more playful, colorful, and iconic than the Strawberry Shortcake Bar? It goes perfectly with your fun-loving nature and vibrant personality. 

Aquarius: Strawberry Shortcake Bar 

You have lots of layers and depth to you, just like the signature cake coating and chocolate and vanilla ice cream that make up this delightful treat. 

Pisces: Chocolate Eclair Bar

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