Image Credit: Sarah Crowley


The 7 Most Underrated Items at IKEA

Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

It’s no secret that IKEA is a gold mine for affordable, hackable home decor. And in its massive catalog, there are a few tried-and-true favorites. We asked seasoned DIYers about their favorite products you might have overlooked. 

Image Credit: @genevavanderzeil

FLÅDIS Belly Basket

They’re great for dealing with clutter and make fun boho-style lampshades.

Image Credit: IKEA

Even if you don’t cook, put some in your shopping bag. They’re great for decor!

HEAT Cork Trivet

Image Credit: Your DIY Family

OSTBIT Bamboo Plate Holder

You can use it for plates, as a magazine rack, jewelry, or more! 

Image Credit: IKEA

If you’re looking for a kitchen island or table, consider popping into the utility section of the store.

BROR Work Bench

Image Credit: IKEA


They’re ideal for experimenting with dye projects.

Image Credit: Arin Solange at Home

This DIYer used the rack as a wall-mounted easel. 

RÄCKA Curtain Rod

Image Credit: IKEA


You can add whatever legs you want to make it any height you want, from coffee table to bar.

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Image Credit: Sarah Crowley