Image Credit:  Julian Montijo

The Best Frozen Pizza at Trader Joe's


Trader Joe’s has a fully loaded frozen pizza section with tons of fun options to choose from. I set out to sample all the ones I could find and from those 17, here are our three winners. 

Image Credit: Julian Montijo

Organic Pesto Pizza with Tomatoes & Broccoli

This classy Trader Joe’s pizza can do no wrong.

Image Credit: Julian Montijo

BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza

I’ll be adding it to my shopping list again soon. 

Image Credit: Julian Montijo

Pizza Parlanno & the Organic Roasted Vegetable Pizza

It’s a tie! Both are great and actually go very well together. 

Image Credit: Julian Montijo

Honorable Mentions

The Pizza 4 Formaggi or the Pizza Margherita are great classic cheese options. Also, the Tarte d’Alsace flatbread is a fun shake-up. 

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