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11 Things You Should Get Rid of Right Now, According to Professional Organizers


Image Credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

Whether you’re extremely low on cabinet real estate or you just want to get things tidier than they have been, here are 11 things you should get rid of right now — according to professional organizers.

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Excess serving dishes

If you have more than a few platters and bowls that rarely get used, consider getting rid of the ones you’re least attached to.

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Extra vases

“Identify your go-to vases for displaying flowers, others you can re-gift with flowers, and more to donate.” — Sarah Grant, founder and lead organizer for Be.Neat Studio in Toronto. 

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Old spices

According to Ally Milligan, a kitchen organizer and founder of Loveleaf, it’s a good idea to replace whole spices every four years, ground spices every two to three years, and dried herbs every one to three years. 

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Mismatched food storage containers 

Say goodbye to food storage containers that have seen better days (anything that’s warped, stained, missing a lid, and so on).

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Gimmicky gadgets 

Ever buy something that seemed like it would be a timesaver, only to discover it was awkward to wash, store, and use? It’s time to ditch that extra gadget. 

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Cardboard packaging

Transfer your snack bars, crackers, and cereals into labeled containers where the foods will be more visible (and aesthetically pleasing).

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Specialty food ingredients

We’re all guilty of buying a special ingredient for one recipe. If you’ve got a few of these, don’t wait for them to expire to get rid of it. Instead, give it to a friend who can use it while it’s still fresh.

Image Credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

Extra mugs

If mugs are unnecessarily piling up in your dishwasher and cabinet, choose three or four favorites and get rid of any you don’t absolutely need (especially those that are cracked or chipped — safety first).

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Knife block

Contrary to popular belief, you might not actually need an entire knife block. If you only use one knife on the regular, keep the others in the drawer to save on counter space. 

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Restaurant condiments and disposable cutlery

Rather than accumulating a pile in your drawer, ask restaurants to leave them out each time you order. 

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Reusable water bottles 

Have one for each family member. That’s all you need. Donate the rest.

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