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The 10 Things You Should Never Do at Costco, According to Store Employees


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When I set out to ask Costco employees for some “what not to dos” at Costco, I didn’t realize just how long the list would be. Here’s what the insiders had to say.

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Don’t stretch your membership.

Don’t abuse the membership and bring your entire extended family. The bulk of the money that Costco makes is on memberships.

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Don’t cut in front of employees.

Usually employees are pushing or pulling extremely heavy things through the store so don't get in their way.

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Don’t FaceTime or text a lot while shopping.

Get off your phone while you’re waiting to check out. Someone will cut in front of you if you aren’t ready.

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Don’t shop on weekends.

The busiest time to shop at Costco is hands-down the weekends (because that’s when people have the most time to buy in bulk). 

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Don’t arrive just before closing time.

If you get into the store just before closing, the store managers have to stay past closing time until you’re finished. 

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Don’t abuse the return policy.

 “We had a shopper who returned a dozen fully eaten rotisserie chickens,” says the employee from Hazlet, NJ.

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Don’t wait until dinnertime to buy the rotisserie chickens.

Speaking of the famous $5 rotisserie chickens, don’t wait  cause there will be a huge line. 

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