All Images By: Rachel Joy Barehl

10 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Pun-Lovers


Here are some clever and silly food-themed costume ideas you can execute in no time flat, using stuff you already have or can find with a quick trip to the market.

Hawaiian Punch

Pretend like you’re in middle school again and profess your love for Hawaiian Punch with a simple grass skirt and boxing gloves. Please don’t punch people (too hard).

Boxed W(h)ine

Grab a box and some paper. Write a bunch of complaints on the papers, throw them in the box and you’re everyone’s favorite weeknight item: boxed wine, er, actually more like boxed whine.


Cut out a yellow circle from a piece of felt and pin it to a white shirt. That’s your egg! Then, carry around a plant and you’re an egg-plant.

Tea Partier

We usually don’t like to get into politics, but we’ll make an exception for this tea partier costume. Glue some teabags to a shirt and strap on a party hat. Noisemakers add a festive touch!

Stud Muffin

Carry around some muffins and a 2×4. Bonus points if you’re willing to go sans shirt for the night!

Blind Date

Throw on a pair of shades and carry a container of dates. Then, you can walk around all night asking people if they’re supposed to be meeting someone. 

Salsa Dancer

Pull a tutu on over your jeans and carry a jar of salsa. To really impress your friends, throw out some legit moves (or even just some shimmies) throughout the night.


Carry around some gingersnaps and your phone (you know you’re going to have it in hand anyway!). Then, pretend to chat away with someone on the other end.

Mixed Greens

Wear all the green things you have. It doesn’t even matter if they match. If you feel like it, you can add a salad spinner and some fake lettuce cut out of tissue paper.


A box of instant pudding + a box of graham crackers? Are you a baker? Nope! You’re Instagram! It might take people a second to get it — give them the time.

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