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The Perfect Cocktail for Your Zodiac Sign


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Decision fatigue is real, so let your signature cocktail be an easy pick and leave it to the stars. Here’s what they recommend.

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ARIES: Dark & Stormy

It’s an ice-filled highball with dark rum and a lime wedge, plus a pretty bottle of ginger beer.

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A big jug or pitcher of self-serve sangria is perfect for your no-fuss party personality.

TAURUS: Sangria

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GEMINI: Mojito

Go for tall mojitos with awesome straws. Keep the energy up and the party going.

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It’s a classic drink.

CANCER: Champagne

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LEO: Watermelon Margarita

A drink that’s as popular and spirited as you.

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Go with a classic cocktail that’s as precise as you are.

VIRGO: Manhattan

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LIBRA: Aviation

This elegant mixture of gin, lemon juice, and crème de violette is truly harmonious.

This scarlet drink oozes sensuality and tastes delicious.

SCORPIO: Jack Rose

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SAGITTARIUS: Boulevardier

Fun-loving and adventurous, it's warm and mellow just like you.

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It’s straightforward, classic, and a little on the dry side.


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AQUARIUS: Rum Old Fashioned

It’s classic and comfortable, with an unexpected twist.

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Opt for a signature drink that’s creative and free-spirited, but with subtle flavors you’re sure to love.


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