All Images By: Kath Nash

Which Thanksgiving Side Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


There’s always been that old saying: You are what you eat. So what better time than Thanksgiving to match up all of the classic holiday sides with sun signs? 

Aries: Party Punch

You love being the center of attention — and you always keep people coming back for more.

Taurus: Mashed Potatoes

You’re reliable, easy-going, and a total crowd favorite. You can get along with anyone.

Gemini: Stuffing

You’re intellectual, sophisticated, and you pride yourself on never settling for less.

Cancer: Green Bean Casserole

You’re low-key and loyal in the best way possible — and you believe in learning as you go.

Leo: Mac ‘n’ Cheese

You’re equal parts confident and charismatic. (And also? Kids love you.)

Virgo: Jello Salad

You’re an old soul with great vintage taste and an ultimate air of practicality.

Libra: Pumpkin Pie

You’re loyal and classic. Nothing makes you happier than family, friends, and familiarity.

Scorpio: Canned Cranberries

Yeah, you’re kind of intense. And people either love you or hate you for it. (But you wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Sagittarius: Sweet Potato Casserole

You’re extroverted, optimistic, and you always choose to believe the best in people.

Capricorn: Wine

You know exactly what you want in this life — and you’re not afraid to go after it.

Aquarius: Hot Chocolate

At a glance, you’re sweet, friendly, and comforting. Beneath all that? A deep focus and drive.

Pisces: Buttery Rolls

You don’t take yourself too seriously, and you have fun. People love you for that.

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