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8 Sneaky Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen


Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

 Decluttering your kitchen can happen one small task at a time. Here are 20 ways to declutter your entire kitchen — with just a bit of effort and a few minutes here and there.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Straighten up one pantry shelf at a time.

The effect of a totally re-done pantry is satisfying, for sure, but a shelf that takes a few minutes to tackle is also pleasing to the senses — and it will inspire you to do more down the road when you have time. 

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Go through your mug collection.

Take out all your mugs and set them on a table or the counter. Then only put back the ones you use and love. Donate the rest. 

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Keep a donation bin.

Keep a bin/box/bag in the bottom of a closet so that you always have a place to put things as you’re ready to part with them. When the box is full, donate it and start again.

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Get rid of duplicates.

Most households don’t need multiple peelers or six pairs of tongs. Just because something works doesn’t mean you need to keep it if you have others that do the job just as well. Keep only one of every type of tool you use. 

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Streamline your cleaning supplies.

You probably have a bunch of several cleaning products and supplies under your kitchen sink. Empty it out, corral items in plastic baskets, and only store what you reach for regularly. 

Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

Be ruthless with your food storage.

Approach your food storage collection with the goal of getting rid of every container without a lid and every lid without a container. 

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Shop your house.

Look around the other rooms of your house to see if you have organizers you can use in your kitchen. This will free up space in those rooms and help you get your kitchen in order.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Use tape to see what you actually use.

Put a little piece of tape on every single item in your kitchen. Then, as you use it, take the tape off. Anything that still has tape on it in six months can probably be donated.

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