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10 Low-Carb Recipes You Can Make in Your Instant Pot


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We turned to some of our favorite food bloggers to see how they use their Instant Pot when eating low-carb. Here are 10 recipes you can make tonight.

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Zucchini Noodle Pho 

from Eating Instantly

This delightfully comforting soup takes about four minutes to cook in your Instant Pot. It’s also gluten-free and easily made vegetarian if you don’t add meat.

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Cauliflower Chowder 

from Damn Delicious

In this low-carb version of a chowder, cauliflower is the star, with celery and carrots (which you can leave out if you’re a low-carb purist) in the supporting role. 

Image credit: Foodie Crush

Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps 

from Foodie Crush

This recipe doubles as an appetizer or a light dinner. The Instant Pot does most of the work — all you have to do is wrap up the pieces in your favorite leafy green and enjoy.

Image credit: Well Plated 

Eggplant Lasagna 

from Well Plated

This lasagna version has a low-carb, healthy twist: strips of eggplant in place of pasta. (You do need to quickly grill or broil the eggplant before adding the layered ingredients to your Instant Pot.) 

Image credit: Real Simple Good

Beef Barbacoa 

from Real Simple Good

This shredded beef dish is versatile enough that it’s perfect for anyone trying out meal planning. You can use it in salads, sandwiches, and tacos! 

Image credit: Real Simple Good


from Real Simple Good

This stew is overflowing with shrimp and sausage and the result is a rich, filling dish that will make you completely forget you’re on a low-carb kick. 

Image credit: The Recipe Critic

Beef and Broccoli 

from The Recipe Critic

Ginger and garlic bring some serious flavor, while broccoli — a great vegetable option for anyone trying to cut carbs — ups the nutritional value. 

Image credit: A Saucy Kitchen

Coconut Lime Chicken 

from A Saucy Kitchen

This recipe will probably come as a relief to low-carb eaters who are getting bored with chicken dinners. The sauce is tangy, slightly spicy, and, best of all, it’s dairy-free.

Image credit: Skinny Taste

Pork Ragu with Zoodles 

from Skinny Taste

Swapping pasta noodles for spiralized zucchini has two upsides: You lower your carb count and get a full serving of vegetables. 

Image credit: The Magical Slow Cooker

Lemon Butter Artichokes 

from The Magical Slow Cooker

Seasoned with just lemon, salt, and garlic, these heart-healthy veggies make the perfect side dish -- and it takes just 20 minutes to prepare.

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