Image Credit: Selena Kirchhoff

10 Little Ways to Get a More Organized Kitchen Right Now


Image Credit: Selena Kirchhoff

Your kitchen is likely ready for a tidying up. Here are 10 little ways to kick up the organization today.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Place Drawer Inserts

They add instant order.

Image Credit: Taryn Williford

Add Turntables

What you need will always be at your fingertips. 

Image Credit: Hayley Kessner

Clear Counters

The less cluttered your kitchen looks, the less clutter continues to collect there.

Image Credit: Faith Durand

Use Trays

It makes your whole kitchen look put together and deliberate. 

Image Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Set Up Shelf Risers

They allow you to make use of vertical space.

Image Credit: Shifrah Combiths

Label Fridge Shelves

They tell you where to put things and where to find them

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Refine Under-Sink Storage

Only keep what you need.

Image Credit: Melanie Rieders

Create Zones

It takes the guesswork out of where to store things

Image Credit: Esteban Cortez

Install Wall Hooks

They can solve many organization head-scratchers.

Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

Control Food Containers

Get rid of extras. 

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Image Credit: Sarah Crowley