Image Credit: Nancy Mitchell

9 Little Details Everyone Forgets in Their Kitchen Reno

Image Credit: Nancy Mitchell

Designing a kitchen is complicated, so it’s easy to overlook things. These interior designers share their insights on important details that you should remember to consider.

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Counter Height Clearance

Plan out your countertop appliances, and measure the heights to ensure that they’ll fit underneath your upper cabinets or open shelving.

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Think plumbing, wiring, and air ducts. They “make the pretty picture function.”

The Invisible “Bones”

Image Credit: Gigi Gatewood

Convenient Tech-Charging Station

With all the time you spend in the kitchen, you’ll want a charging spot there. 

Image Credit: Studio Dearborn

Having an easy-to-use bin makes it easier to save food scraps.

Compost Bin

Image Credit: Jacqueline Marque

Enough Seating

While waterfall counters are stunning, sometimes homeowners forget they’ll need more seating,

Image Credit: Katie Charlotte Photography

The counter of any kitchen is a magnet for clutter and ruin the look and feel of your kitchen.

Places for Small Appliances

Image Credit: Shereen Zangana

Adequate Lighting

Pendant lights are pretty, but they don’t help when you’re trying to chop kale in the corner. 

Image Credit: Devyn LaCamera

“It makes a kitchen look really homey and warm with layers.”

A Place for Cookbooks

Image Credit: Abigail Bobo

It All Fits Together

Sometimes kitchen design choices that seem aesthetic aren’t always practical.

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Image Credit: Abigail Bobo