The Best Last-Minute Valentine's Day Menu


Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

The secret to a successful last-minute Valentine’s Day dinner is to embrace the fast and fancy while also leaning on a few store-bought conveniences.
Here’s how to pull it off.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

An aperol spritz is quick to make and have some olives and prosciutto to snack on.

Before Dinner 

Image Credit: Sara Kate Gillingham

Brown butter parmesan pasta: Transform a box of spaghetti into something nutty, complex, and luxurious — in 20 minutes.

The Main Dish 

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

This simple arugula & fennel salad with lemon vinaigrette helps round out the main dish.

On the Side

Image Credit: Emma Christensen

A sour cream and berry brûlée is a sweet-yet-not-too-heavy way to finish things off.

For Dessert

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

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Image Credit: Joe Lingeman