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10 of Our Best Kitchen Organization Ideas

Image credit: Diana Paulson 

Whether it’s a tiny rental kitchen or your forever kitchen, you can totally get it in tip-top shape. Here’s 10 of our smartest tips and hacks to take your kitchen a step in the right direction.

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Tension Rods

Use a tension rod to make an extra spice shelf. It won’t interfere with any of the storage on the bottom and will create even more space for little jars.

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Make the most of pantry space with a turntable, especially in awkward corners where it's hard to reach.


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Command Hooks

Use Command hooks to hang pot lids on cabinet doors. Quick and easy to do and it’s a totally custom solution.

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Use the sides of your cabinets. Add a rail, hooks, or even shelves.

Look Sideways

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Mason Jars

Use Mason jars inside a drawer. Put Mason jars on their sides and they’ll fit in most drawers and help keep utensils nice and tidy.

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Visual clutter can be just as bad as regular clutter.

No Unnecessary Packaging

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Paper Towel Tubes

Wrangle baking mats with paper towel tubes. It’s free and makes storage extra easy!

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Add hooks anywhere you can. You’ll basically create space out of thin air.


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Sponge Holders

Store leftover condiment packets in a sponge holder.Inside of your fridge or your cabinet works.

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Use the space above the cabinets. Take advantage of that wasted space.

Use All Your Space

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