Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

8 Cleaning Tips from My German Grandmother


Image Credit: Andrew Bui

Growing up, it seemed like my grandma had a trick for just about every household problem. Here are some of my Grandma Joann’s best suggestions for a clean kitchen and home.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

Polishing Glass Stovetops

Use Bon Ami powder then Weiman’s Glass Cooktop Cleaner  to clean glass cooktops.

Image Credit: Andrew Bui

Shining Stainless Steel

Weiman’s wipes “work like magic.”

Image Credit: Ashley Poskin

Cleaning Red Wine Spills

Sprinkle with table salt and rub with cold water before laundering. 

Image Credit: Erika Tracy

Getting Rid of Grease

For a fabric stain, try a clean sponge dipped in club soda.

Image Credit: Ghazalle Badiozamani

Freshening Garbage Disposal

Pour some baking soda down the drain and run your faucet to absorb smells.

Image Credit: Tara Donne

Lifting Yellow Stains

Use lemon juice to remove any stains from glassware.

Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

Erasing Water Rings

On wood surfaces, use toothpaste and rub off with a paper towel

Image Credit: Christine Han

Unclogging the Drain

Pour a  mixture of baking soda and vinegar down into the drain. Once the fizzing stops, pour boiling water down to finish the job.

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Image Credit: Sarah Crowley