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11 Simple Expert-Approved Cleaning Tips


Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

Here are a few things these cleaning authorities do without a second thought — practices that you can adopt to shave years off the development of your own expertise.

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Mop out from a corner.

Don’t trap yourself into a spot that requires you to step over your freshly cleaned floor. Start at the farthest corner.

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Soak pots before you try to wash them.

Before starting on the dishes, put warm water and dish soap in the pots. The cooked-on food will soften by the time it’s their turn.

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Think about how you will wash your dishes.

I like to get all the dishwasher dishes done first so I have more room to hand-wash delicates and the bigger pots and pans. 

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Clean top to bottom.

The idea is that you start cleaning areas up high in the room so that as dust and dirt will settle on a lower surface that you’ll clean later. 

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Don’t use a rag to clean windows or mirrors.

Opt for a coffee filter, an old t-shirt, or a microfiber cloth instead for a truly unobstructed view or reflection.

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All-purpose cleaner … isn’t.

Knowing what your all-purpose cleaner contains can save you from accidentally damaging what you’re cleaning.

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Change your mop water.

Dump and refill when water starts to gray to ensure that the effort you’re putting in pays off with the cleanest floors you can get.

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Pick up big things before you vacuum.

This will protect your machine from getting clogged and damaged.

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Little messes are easier to clean.

Staying on top of little messes before they become big ones makes those big ones less daunting. 

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You don’t have to unwind the vacuum cleaner cord.

Find the little hook next to your unit and give it a little twist. The whole cord will unwrap at once.

Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

Change your rags often.

To keep things sanitary at home, always clean from cleanest to dirtiest areas and change your rags frequently. 

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