10 Surprising Things You Can Clean Using Dishwasher Tablets


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Dishwasher tablets were designed to tackle tough messes, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can be used to clean things beyond the dishwasher.

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[Safety note: As always, when using cleaning agents it is a good idea to use protective gloves on your hands and try not to directly inhale any fumes.] Here’s what we found.

We went in search of other items in your home you can clean with dishwasher tablets. 

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Use a dishwasher tablet dipped in warm water to scrub down the glass and the door of your oven with ease.

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1. Your Oven Door

A dishwasher tablet cleans burnt and scorched pans with ease. While there are certainly other methods, this one works when you’re desperate.

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2. Scorched Pots and Pans

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Fill with warm water and a piece of a dishwasher tablet. After an hour you should be able to rinse all the stains away. Try this handy trick with flower vases, carafes, and bottles as well! 

3. Coffee and Tea Rings

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It’s a good idea to give it a bath at least twice a year. Fill the can as high as you can with warm water and drop a dishwasher tablet inside and let dissolve. Rinse out with hot water after an hour.

4. The Garbage Can

Did a spill go unnoticed in your fridge, leaving a gross sticky mess? Start by wiping away any loose food, then dip the tablet in warm water and use the flat side to scrape away the rest. Wipe clean and rinse with warm water.

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5. Your Refrigerator

It’s amazing how quickly the bottom of your sink can start to look dingy. Just run some warm water in the sink and rub the dishwasher tablet around with a gloved hand. Once it looks shiny and new, rinse with warm water. 

Image Credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

6. The Sink

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A tablet can help prevent a leaked-oil stain on a garage floor or driveway. Absorb the oil, wet the area and use a dishwasher tablet(s) to scrub all around the stain.  Let the detergent sit for a half hour or so, then rinse with warm water.

7. Oil Spills

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Drop a dishwasher tablet into the toilet bowl. Then, do the sink, floors, and shower, and save the toilet for last. The  tablet will have time to dissolve a bit and should make scrubbing the toilet bowl a breeze. 

8. The Toilet

It’s important to clean your machine every three months or so. Pop a tablet in the drawer and let the machine run a cycle on hot. Once it’s finished, wipe out any leftover residue from tablet with a wet washcloth. 

Image Credit: Brittany Purlee

9. The Washing Machine

Dissolve one tablet in a bucket of warm water, or use as a scouring pad to remove tough stains. This works best on plastic, so test on an inconspicuous area to ensure it won’t cause discoloration. 

Image Credit: Melanie Rieders

10. Plastic Patio Furniture

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