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7 Cleaning Don'ts, According to Professional House Cleaners


When it comes to cleaning, some things can create more work, are ineffective, or dangerous. We spoke with a few professional house cleaners and here are the things they wish people would NOT do.

Image Credit: Leah Flores | Stocksy

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Cleaning Hardwood Floors With a Ready-to-Use Mop Pad

Use a microfiber mop that’s slightly dampened in a mixture of water and a drop of Dawn.

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Overusing Vinegar

Avoid using it on granite, marble, wood furniture, and most hardwood floors.

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Cleaning with Oil-Based Products

You have to strip the oil off kitchen surfaces to deep clean and it often leaves horrible streaks.

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Trying to Remediate Mold Yourself

Visible mold is usually the tip of the iceberg and dealing with it yourself can pose health risks. 

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Not Cleaning the Outside of the Fridge

Clean it once a month. Putting newspaper or wax paper on the top of the fridge helps.

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Using the Same Sponge or Cloth for Everything

Start designating specific cloths or sponges for rooms — try color coding!

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Using Cloth for Germy Jobs

Paper towels are great for foodborne germs or potentially hazardous germs. 

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Image Credit: Joe Lingeman