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The 6 Baking Supplies I Only Get at Trader Joe’s


While the shop is a treasure trove of affordable ingredients, these are my must-have, only-from-Trader-Joe’s baking essentials

Image Credit: Katie Leaird

Image Credit: Katie Leaird

Freeze-Dried Berries

These are the best for adding flavor and color to buttercream. Incorporating fresh fruit can make frosting watery, while jam can make icing way too sweet.

Image Credit: Katie Leaird


I really go overboard in the nut section. They’re so affordable here! The quality is awesome and the price is about half what I would pay at a mainstream grocery store. 

Image Credit: Katie Leaird


From chocolate chips to giant chocolate bars (which come in both dark and milk varieties), there’s a perfect one for all your chocolate needs. 

Image Credit: Katie Leaird

Lemon Curd

Homemade is not always the best solution. Sometimes, there’s a better, cheaper product out there that can save you time and headaches. Like this magic little jar.

Image Credit: Katie Leaird


A backbone of the kitchen. The price and quality are hard to beat; I just keep it in my freezer and use it as needed. 

Image Credit: Katie Leaird

Whipping Cream

Shelf-stable cream is remarkably hard to find in the US. It’s great for making ganache, pie fillings, whipped cream topping, mousse, ice cream, and more.

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