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7 Not-to-Be-Missed Trader Joe’s Groceries That Just Hit Stores


Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

A true funhouse mirror of a grocery shop awaits us all at Trader Joe’s. So what hopped into my cart this month? Let’s review. 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Tiny Fruity Cuties, $3.99

This cereal really encapsulates the crunchy, tart, fruity fun of a childhood favorite cereal. All you need are some Saturday morning cartoons.

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Mini Cheeseburgers, $4.49

Each tiny beef burger patty is nestled between a sweet Hawaiian roll-adjacent bun, topped with cheddar, and a dollop of TJ’s “burger sauce.” 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Chocolate & Vanilla Bean Swirl Gelato, $5.49

Rule of thumb for the TJ’s frozen section: If you spot a new gelato flavor, grab a tub or two ASAP. This one is no exception. 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Organic Pasta Quintet, $1.99

Much like a boy band in perfect harmony, each of the five shapes – fusilli, spirals, wheels, cavatappi, and shells – go super well together. 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Dark Chocolate Pineapple Sticks, $3.49

Straight out of the bag, these have a refreshing pop of pineapple tartness that only gets better when you pop them in the freezer.

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

S’Mores Bars, $4.99

You’ll take one bite and want s’more. A graham cracker crust stacked with a fudgy brownie that’s then topped with a fluffy marshmallow creme topping. 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Mutti Tomato Purée, $3.99

This jar of sauce took me back to a pasta-making class I took in Rome. This iconic brand is known for its juicy, sweet San Marzano tomatoes. 

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