Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

4 Not-to-Be-Missed Trader Joe’s Groceries That Just Hit Stores


Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

Here are my predictions for the best new supporting snacks you should pick up at Trader Joe’s this week. 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Buffalo-Style Chickenless Wings, $4.99

With a tender breading that don't get soggy, these wings are fire on their own or on a salad, in a wrap, or folded into a dip, too. 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Tirokafteri Spicy Greek 3-Cheese Spread with Roasted Red Peppers, $3.99 

The briny, savory spread is infinitely dippable and completes my mezze plate. 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

Grilled Pitted Chalkidiki Green Olives in Oil, $3.69

These grilled olives are delightfully smoky and meaty, but still with a fruity-buttery quality. 

Image Credit: Mackenzie Filson

French Chocolate Crêpe Wafer Cookies, $2.99

These delicate, chocolate-enrobed cookies are airy, crackly, and begging to be crumbled on your next ice cream sundae.

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