Image Credit: Heather McClees

The 5 Best Freezer Finds We Bought at Aldi


Image Credit: Patty Catalano

The freezer section at Aldi is legendary. Needless to say, the competition for the best freezer finds is fierce. Here are the best new frozen groceries we bought in 2022. 

Image Credit: Cristina Holtzer

Specially Selected Sushi Grade Wild Caught Ahi Tuna Steaks, $5.95

These flash-frozen steaks are perfect for quick and easy poke bowls, sushi rolls, or grilled tuna. 

Image Credit: Jeanette Hurt

Cattleman’s Ranch Unseasoned Black Angus Patties, $8.49

Frozen burgers are a go-to for easy dinners, and these angus patties take the flavor to the next level. 

Image Credit: Jeanette Hurt

Fusia Asian Inspirations California Roll, $5.89

These frozen sushi rolls are a revelation for school lunches. Pack in the morning, and they’ll be ready to eat by lunchtime.

Image Credit: Meredith Schneider

Season’s Choice Steamed Super Sweet Corn, 95 cents

The versatility, convenience, and affordability of frozen corn is unmatched. Mix it into salsas, soups, pastas, etc.

Image Credit: Cristina Holtzer

Deutsche Küche Bavarian Soft Pretzels, $3.49

Looking for a warm, salty, soft pretzel? Heat these bad boys up with some honey mustard dipping sauce and put your feet up.

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