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3 Costco Bakery Finds You Must Try ASAP

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Costco has been hitting it out of the park lately with its baked good section. These three finds are fan-favorites that everyone has been raving about. 

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The “Dangerously Delicious” Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, $19.99

Stock up on these limited pies while you can because one won't be enough. Trust us. 

Pull-Apart Cinnamon Rolls, $6.99

Fans are celebrating the long-awaited return of these cinnamon rolls. Heat them in the oven 5-10 minutes for gooey-perfection. 

Video Credit: Instagram @costcohotfinds

Mini Carrot Cakes, $9.99

This beloved dessert is back for the spring! It's a classic carrot cake with walnuts and raisins, and topped with cream cheese icing.

Video Credit: Instagram @costcohotfinds

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