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The Best Chocolate for Your Zodiac Sign

Image Credit: Peyton Frank

Each zodiac sign has a distinct set of personality traits, so there’s a chocolate recipe out there to match each one. Here’s some cosmic insight into the chocolate that most resembles your astrological profile.

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ARIES: Brownies

With childlike spirits and gravitation towards “kid” foods when indulging, brownies will never fail to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Image Credit: Lauren Volo 

Taurus gravitates towards the finer things and this recipe combines two of your favorite Dionysian delights: chocolate and red wine.

TAURUS: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

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Chocolate Muffins

Gemini’s tastes can swing but these chocolate muffins have everything to keep your attention.

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Comforting yourself with food is a Cancer pastime, so the rich and intense flavors will suit your sensitive palate.

Chocolate Pots de Creme

Image Credit: Quentin Bacon

LEO: Flourless Chocolate Cake

You love the spotlight, so you’ll put in the effort to make this flourless chocolate cake that’ll impress anyone.

Image Credit: Faith Durand

Your health-conscious sign will rationalize as you pop one of these in your mouth.

VIRGO: Chocolate Orange Truffles

Image Credit: Kimberley Hasselbrink 

LIBRA: Chocolate Bark

You’re the sign of balance, so the sweet-and-salty contrast is the perfect happy point of equilibrium.

Image Credit: Maria Siriano

For Scorpios, chocolate is all about intensity, mystery, and sensuality. That’s why something like a molten lava chocolate cake appeals.

SCORPIO: Molten Chocolate Cake

Image Credit: Nealey Dozier

SAGITTARIUS: Chocolate Cobbler

Gooey, messy, and ridiculously indulgent, this dessert matches the hedonistic Sagittarius personality. 

Image Credit: Emma Christensen

Classic Capricorn will alway reach for a timeless treat.

CAPRICORN: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Image Credit: Dana Velden

AQUARIUS: Chocolate Fudge

Since fudge was invented by mistake, this treat is the best bet for the sign of surprises and spontaneity. 

Image Credit: Faith Durand

You’ll go to the depths to experience transcendent bliss. Like a layer cake, you haven’t really tasted it all until you’ve gone all the way to the bottom.

PISCES: Chocolate Layer Cake

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Image Credit: Peyton Frank