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Aldi Is Dropping Dozens of New Home Decor Items — These Are the 10 Your Kitchen Needs Now


Image Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

We just got the inside scoop on all of the new home decor items that will be coming to an Aldi near you. Here are the 10 best items to buy for your kitchen.

Image Credit: Aldi

Huntington Home Decorative Wreath, $19.99

What’s better than a wreath that never dries out? Choose from two versions: the one above, or one with a mini wooden bicycle with flowers. 

Image Credit: Aldi

Huntington Home Hanging Woven Organizer, $14.99

This spacious, three-basket organizer is great anywhere in your kitchen for spices, snacks, plastic bags, or taller bottles. 

Image Credit: Aldi

Huntington Home Woven Organizer, $14.99

These bins are perfect as sleek storage in your pantry or on your countertop. Snag all three sizes for the satisfaction of a full matching set.

Image Credit: Aldi

Belavi Wooden Plant Ladder Stand, $39.99

Bring on the plant babies! This three-tiered triangular storage rack would also be fabulous for books, spices, or candles.

Image Credit: Aldi

Crofton Mug Tree, $14.99

This wooden cactus-like tree is a cute way to show off your favorites mugs or teacups. It can easily hold eight.

Image Credit: Aldi

Huntington Home 2-Pack Collapsible Cube with Lid, $9.99

They're perfect for organizing baking materials, pet food, toys, small appliances, or overstock kitchen supplies. 

Image Credit: Aldi

Crofton Farmhouse Pitcher, $16.99

Choose from a matte black or a smooth eggshell white, and this sleek, modern pitcher is sure to be a showstopper at an unbeatable price. 

Image Credit: Aldi

Crofton Coffee Pod Organizer, $14.99

No more shoving all of your coffee pods in a drawer or box. This organizer is a simple solution so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Image Credit: Aldi

Huntington Home Spring Reversible Sign, $14.99

These sweet signs come in three varieties that are sure to fit your decor style — or mood: “Welcome,” “Hello, Spring,” and “Go Away.” 

Image Credit: Aldi

Huntington Home Gold Hammered Candle, $6.99

These simple candles come in black (brown sugar chestnut scented) and white (white almond scented). They'll elevate any space!

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