A Pumpkin Pie Manifesto: Why Buy Pumpkin Pie When It’s So Easy to Make?

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Every year, I am amazed by how many pre-made pumpkin pies are purchased. I confess I want to shoot fellow grocery store customers the evil Thanksgiving eye, and wish I could climb atop the towering display of canned cranberry sauce (another topic, another time) and proclaim to the shopping hordes: “People of the world! Put down that week-old, shrink-wrapped pie from this sub-par bakery! That pie is made of things from a can!”

I mean really! Of all pies, isn’t a pumpkin pie practically the easiest to make?

Sure, I know you can make it from scratch scratch. Like, scrape out a giant squash thing and roast it, from scratch. But really, do any of you guys do that? If so, please invite me over. Perhaps a sweet potato or yam pie sure, but pumpkin?

Maybe I’m holding on to some old fashioned Midwestern tradition of my youth, but I’ve always considered the canned pumpkin variety pretty standard — thus why I’m always shocked when people shower compliments, gushing about the pumpkin pie. “Ooh the filling is so silky smooth and spiced just right!” Oh, you mean that filling I expertly prepared by whisking together a can of pumpkin, a can of condensed milk, and a bunch of spices I keep in the kitchen all year round? In that case, thank you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love making pumpkin pie. It’s my favorite, and while growing up I would call dibs on the first pumpkin pie on my birthday in early November.

But I have to be truthful with you. Get ready, I’m really showing my cards here: I actually use the recipe on the back of the Libby’s pureed pumpkin can. That’s right, the recipe that is printed on the back, the one that everyone ignores. Yes, of course I use my go-to pie crust recipe, but the filling? It’s all Ms. Libby’s recipe.

When it’s that easy, why in the world does anyone buy one of those sad-looking, squished up pumpkin pies in the freezer section?

Am I just nostalgic or crazy? What’s your go-to recipe for pumpkin pie? Maybe I’ll give it a whirl this year!