The $30 Storage Solution for My Way-Too-Big Mug Collection

published Jan 16, 2024
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Credit: Cherish Bryck/Stocksy

While I’m nowhere near needing a large-scale display shelf for mugs, even I’ll admit that I have more than a few of them. Far more than could fit into the tiny kitchen of my apartment, even with a few being repurposed as desk storage, decor, and more. Now that I’ve moved back in with my dad to help with the house, blending our two homes has been quite the ordeal, especially when it comes to the kitchen. One of the first tasks we took care of was going through all of the drinkware to see what could be kept, what could be donated, and what could be thrown away. When all was said and done, there was still an abundance of mugs that I’d brought over from my place that weren’t going to fit in the cabinet.

Before the move, I’d already done some digging into mug storage options on Amazon since I had a variety of mugs spread out between my counters and coffee bar, which gave me a few leads. After weighing a ton of options, I finally settled on one bestseller that looked promising. The 4.8-star rating and 8,300+ five-star reviews on StorageLAB’s Cup and Mug Storage Box didn’t steer me wrong.

What is the StorageLAB Cup and Mug Storage Box?

StorageLAB’s cup and mug storage box is a stylish and functional find for those in need of a safe space for fragile drinkware. It’s a hard shell container with a padded interior lining along the quilted sides as well as the dividers in between. Plus, if you need more than one, the boxes are conveniently stackable to make sure of vertical storage space. Available in two colors, the boxes feature a woven linen exterior, label window, handles for easy portability, and a dual zipper closure.

Each box holds up to 12 cups or mugs that measure no more than 4″ x 4″; however, based on personal experience, you can squeeze in some slightly larger mugs depending on the variety of styles and sizes for the drinkware you’re storing. One or two mugs that are a little above 12 ounces won’t compromise the container, and you’ll know its limits once you start loading it up.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the StorageLAB Cup and Mug Storage Box

In addition to mugs, I’ve also needed storage containers for Champagne flutes and wine glasses. Not because I had a ton of them, but because my kitchen was just too low on cabinet space to store them properly. As a result, I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error to find suitable storage that can protect my fragile drinkware. Measured up against a box I bought from another brand for my Champagne flutes, the StorageLAB cup and mug storage box surpasses it by far.

The container’s padded interior is a total game-changer compared to the cardboard dividers in my other storage box. I don’t hear any clinking or feel a lot of cups shifting around when I’ve moved it around, and alone that makes me feel like all the mugs I love are safe and secure. The handles, while light, have been surprisingly sturdy for carting the box from room to room. I also really appreciate that the boxes can be stacked, considering I’ve purchased three of them: One for holiday mugs, one for mugs and glasses I don’t use very often, and one that’s still on the way for the leftover mugs that won’t fit in the cabinet (yet). Now, I have them all stored in a closet for safekeeping until it’s time to move again.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Even better, the brand has storage boxes for dinnerware, which will certainly come in handy for the abundance of plates that have accumulated in the cabinet. Overall, I simply love that I’ve found a line of products I can trust to keep my beloved kitchen goods in one piece — literally!