4 Brilliant Storage Ideas to Steal from This Pro Organizer’s Pristine Kitchen

published Aug 11, 2022
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Credit: Jason Rampe

Organizing your kitchen is not just about quick hacks, says pro organizer Rebekah Love, the owner of Organize For Love. “I think too many people start their organizing journey without properly planning and gathering the appropriate information,” says Love, who lives on Staten Island in an apartment with her husband, Olushola Bashorun, and baby daughter, Loren.

Credit: Jason Rampe

Excited to take a peek inside Love’s organized kitchen cabinets and drawers, we took the tour, and of course found a few clever examples of kitchen storage done right. Follow us, and we’ll show you just what we mean!

Credit: Jason Rampe

1. Invest in a set of magnetic spice jars.

What can we say? We just love the use of magnetic spice jars on the fridge! The best part? Hexagon-shaped jars allow the spices to nest together — and make everything so easy to find with a quick glance.

Plus, Love’s system makes for easy cleanup. “There’s nothing more relieving than waking up to a clean kitchen that’s ready to be used,” she says.

Credit: Jason Rampe

2. Use your drawer as a makeshift pantry.

With a small apartment kitchen, storage space can be tight. To make the most of her space, Love uses organizational inserts inside a drawer to create her own tea bag storage with enough room to slide in boxes of plastic wrap and parchment paper. In the shelf below, Love uses uniform jars to store a few pantry items, keeping everything nice and neat.

Don’t overlook any items; make sure each ingredient has a home, says Love, who admits she is a huge fan of wood drawer organizers. “Create a home for every single thing. For example, items that are used daily are sorted in bins and those bins have inserts.”

Credit: Jason Rampe

3. Spin a lazy Susan.

To keep her condiments in order, Love uses a convenient double decker lazy Susan to store her collection of oils. Plus, the lazy Susan makes it easy to find what you need and see how much you have on hand.

“Cleanliness is my decor secret: clean and clear counters, things off the floor, things not being used are put away,” Love says of her cabinet system. “Look at your space as a whole, shop your home, and think about your lifestyle, wants, and needs before trying to organize.”

Credit: Jason Rampe

4. Turn a cake stand into an easy display.

Love uses a pretty cake stand from Target as an effective way to display her most-used kitchen essentials, such her GIR silicone ladle, spatulas, and a jar of honey for her tea. Plus, it’s a cute way to add a bit of beauty to her countertop with a container of cheerful flowers!

So how does Love maintain her system? “I try my best to put things back throughout the day and spend 5-10 minutes in the morning or at night tidying up,” she says. “This doesn’t eliminate the need to clean but reduces how much we have to clean and how long it’ll take.”

By putting things back when you’re done with them, Love says it “builds that habit and before you know it, being organized becomes second nature.”

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