Stop! Don’t Re-Roll Your Scraps!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every food guru on the planet tell us that re-rerolling our scraps of dough, be it cookies, pie crusts or biscuits, won’t make for the prettiest goods. Although we all know it’s true, we usually try to weasel out a few more usable pieces. Instead of ending up with those few odd shaped outcasts, try this easy tip that will further another meal down the road…

It’s a simple fact that cutting circles from square pieces of dough leaves left over bits and pieces. One of our favorite ways to use the left overs is to freeze them! After making biscuits or cookies, pies or any quick bread for that matter, we toss the remaining pieces in a zip top bag with a scant tablespoon of flour. Shake gently and then remove excess air.

The bag of bits will keep in the freezer for 6 months (or more) and can be pulled out to top any soup, stew or chili. The bits are small enough they will cook atop the dishes like dumplings. You can also toss them in butter and herbs, throw them in an 8×8 pyrex or loaf pan and bake them at 375 until golden and delicious.

Besides, the little pieced together bit you would have made from the scraps always turns out dry and slightly darker in color because of it’s uneven nature. They will be far better used in other dishes for a quick bread on a busy night!

(Image: Too-Hectic)