Stop Blaming Almonds for California’s Drought, Says Gizmodo

(Image credit: via Gizmodo)

California’s drought and mandatory water restrictions have made for fascinating coverage (at last) of the wild world of water in the West and the outsized role agriculture plays in this drama. But there’s one big player that isn’t as much of a villain as we think, argues a writer in a well-researched piece at Gizmodo.

Hands off the almond, says Alissa Walker in this fascinating and persuasive piece at Gizmodo. Her argument is that we shouldn’t look just at the sheer amount of water a crop consumes, but at its relative value in the economy. Almonds need a lot of water, yes, but they also are a really valuable crop to the state as a whole.

Walker then puts her finger on another crop that takes even more water but adds far less value. Worth a read!

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