Stone Fox Bride (AKA Instagram’s Most Honest Mom) Gets Real About Feeding Her Kids

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Molly Rosen Guy isn’t known for slapping the perfect Instagram filter on her posts about life, love, and parenting and making it appear as if everything’s coming up roses. In fact, the Brooklyn-based creative director of Stone Fox Bride, book author, contributing editor at Vogue and Domino, and mom to daughters Sunny and Coco (6 and 3), takes the exact opposite approach. We’d go as far to say that she’s one of the most brutally honest parents on social media.

In a sea of meal-prepping mom-fluencers who make it look like they have it all together, Molly stands out with her gut-wrenching posts about the loss of her dad to cancer and the trials and tribulations of navigating a recent divorce, contrasted with wildly hilarious videos about feeding her kids, which, as you can see below, she delivers in absolute deadpan.

If you’re a parent who follows Molly on Instagram, you’d likely agree that sometimes life just calls for a mountain of whipped cream on a baking sheet covered with Trix, or a lunch box filled with cheese puffs doused with energy drink. She’s totally kidding (and that’s the point), but we recently caught up with Molly and got very real about how she feeds her kids. Here’s what she had to say (in all honesty).

On her kids’ eating habits.

“I’m really lucky because my kids, Sunny (6) and Coco (3), have pretty good palates and they like to eat like people not kids. I’m so grateful for that. The issue is that they are both really thin and get distracted while eating — but could both stand to gain a few pounds. I have to devise schemes to get them to put the food in their mouths. So when we eat dinner, I make up stories and I say ‘Take a bite and I’ll tell you what happens next.'”

On their favorite meals.

“My kids love Mexican food. One dinner I know they will devour is a bowl of brown rice and black beans with guacamole, sour cream, ground turkey, shredded cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and salsa. They’ll eat the whole thing and if I put a quesadilla on the side they’ll eat that too. I grow tomatoes, cilantro, and peppers in my garden, so in the summer we are constantly eating fresh salsa. They’ll also eat another variation of the bowl dinner with a ginger-miso dressing that I make in my Vitamix with rice wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon, tamari, and whatever else is around. They love bowls and sauce (like me). God bless.”

On her cooking strategy.

It’s always about what packs the biggest punch because I want them to eat when I can get them to. When I make their oatmeal I put literally a stick of butter in it, wheat germ, flax, heavy cream, and sunflower seeds.

On the best emergency snacks.

“To avoid hangry-ness in public always try to have string cheese, almonds, Larabars, and brekkies (which are those squeezy things) and then ‘circle cheese,’ which are what my kids call those little Babybel Cheeses with the red wax. They’re actually a pretty good snack. When my kids were younger I always had a hundred snacks with me.”

On packing lunches.

“When Coco first went to school, they had to call me and have a serious meeting because they were like ‘she’s not eating what you’re making her.’ I was packing black beans and quinoa pasta and like smears of hummus — it was disgusting. Their dad makes really good lunches like this amazing smoked turkey wrap with cream cheese, and he sucks all of the air out of the bag like it’s this military lunch that I don’t know how to do. Now she just gets school lunch and she loves whatever it is that they do, pizza day, hamburger day — they just go for it.”

On her secret weapon.

“I have a huge jar of candy that I fill up on Halloween and then just keep replenishing. My kids know if everything goes well they’ll get a treat. It’s the ultimate bribery. I lure that treat over them; from the time they wake up in the morning to the time that they go to bed I threaten, “I will take away your treat.” And the treat is like a piece of Halloween candy from 2009. That’s like my #1 bargaining chip all day long.”

On their weirdest cravings.

“Both my kids are obsessed with capers, caper berries, and pickles. I’m 100% percent Jewish so it’s the Eastern European palate. They also say they hate fish (it’s one of our house rules: ‘Don’t make us eat fish.’) But they will eat ‘crunchy fish,’ which are fish sticks and they’ll also eat smoked salmon. Those are their two exceptions. They’re also both obsessed with seltzer water which they call spicy water. Cherry juice with seltzer is ‘spicy cherry juice.’ They’re constantly begging for spicy cherry juice, which I say they can only have after dinner.”

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Interviewed condensed and edited for clarity.