Have (Ahem) Digestion Problems When You Fly? Try Taking Bitters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ok, I’m going to be frank: there is really nothing quite so uncomfortable and embarrassing — for you and the people around you — as having digestion issues when you’re on a plane. You can pop a Gas-X, but I hate those chalky, chewable tablets. This is why I was really intrigued to hear of another remedy: bitters!

Apparently some people take a small bottle of bitters with them when they fly to relieve any gas or bloating issues they may have. Does this surprise you? 

It surprised me at first — until I remembered Emily’s post from back in January. Before they became a cocktail staple, bitters were used as digestive remedies. One study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition offers evidence that bitter foods stimulate the release of the body’s natural digestive enzymes. 

So it’s not an entirely new idea. A few drops of Angostura on the tongue, or more palatably, in a glass of water may be just what you need when you find yourself midair, in digestive distress, with the “fasten seatbelts” light on. 

How about you? Have you ever taken bitters to relieve stomach troubles? Ever taken a bottle with you when you fly? (Also, another good reason to buy this traveling cocktail bitters set!)