The 15 Best Stocking Stuffers for Anyone in Your Family in 2020

updated Nov 23, 2020
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Christmas stockings hanging by the chimney
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I’m going to say something controversial: I like stocking stuffers better than under-the-tree presents. I love them so much, in fact, my husband and I exclusively buy each other stocking stuffers. There’s just something so special to me about lots of little, thoughtful gifts. We set a rule that nothing should be too expensive (no jewelry, for example), but we have been known to throw in tickets to events (back when events were a thing). Because this year has been so, well, different, I am very much looking forward to our stocking tradition. And I’m hoping to get you guys excited about stocking stuffers, too! The key? Think beyond socks and toothbrushes!

Here are some of the most 2020 stocking stuffers I’ve seen this season.

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What's better than hot sauce? Hot sauce that's made with black truffles! You can break this four-pack up and give one to every member of your family (yourself included!). Pro tip: Put a healthy amount of this stuff on pizza. No one will regret it!

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Your loved one will flip (get it!?) over this new spatula. It's made of BPA-free silicone and was designed to have just the right amount of give around the edges while still being sturdy enough to hold, say, burgers. Also: It's the prettiest spatula I've ever seen.

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The Spice House

I've been missing parties because I miss my friends, but I also miss eating all the dips at said events. If you're shopping for someone who shares my sentiments, consider sliding this mix into their stocking. They can mix a little bit up with yogurt for their own personal-sized bowl. You can even throw in a bag of baby carrots!

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Hedley & Bennett

I'm learning that one can never have too many face masks. These are made by Hedley & Bennett, one of Kitchn's favorite apron companies, and they're fully adjustable. They also have a pocket for disposable filters and can be hand-washed regularly.

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Paper Source

Because everyone is extra stressed this year, I thought this squeezable cheese would be pretty fitting. Hint to husband: If you're reading this, I really want one of these!

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Shopping for someone who's doing all the grocery shopping for your household? Get them this keychain, which will keep the hand sanitzer within reach at all times.

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I'm a huge fan of candy in a stocking! And these eggnog bears are a step up from whatever you'll find at the drugstore.

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Urban Outfitters

How cute is this vacuum!? It really does work! Which makes it a great stocking stuffer for anyone in your quarantine pod who's taken to eating snacks on the couch or over her WFH desk. This way, she can suck up all the crumbs without having to pull out the upright!

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Uncommon Goods

Is it brunch or is it play dough?! It's play dough. But it looks like brunch. This stuff is technically meant for kids, but I like it as something to fidget with during Zoom calls.

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The Grommet

I don't know about the rest of you, but we are going through hard-boiled eggs in this house like they're going out of style. (They won't, though, because they're eggs.) My husband is not helpless but he often asks me to peel eggs for him, so I'm getting him this. I think he'll actaully want to do it himself now!

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Oh, look at that! Another thing I actually want! I like this for anyone who uses their phone while they cook (either to follow recipes or to FaceTime with friends). The coolest part, aside from how handy it will be, is the fact that it can come apart easily to slide into a drawer when not in use.

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West Elm

Anyone who wears rings will appreciate having a place to put said rings while they do dishes. Trust me: I feel like I spend 75 percent of my time doing dishes these days and I use this every day.

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It's been nine months. Which means every corner of everyone's home has already been organized. Get this deck of cards to keep idle hands busy, whether it's a game of solo solitaire or two-player rummy.

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World Market

I usually like to include some sort of coffee-related gift and this year, it's gonna be a box of these smart pour-over pouches. My husband has been wanting to get into pour over at home but I want him to experiment a little before we buy any special equipment. These will allow him to do just that! Pick up a box for a loved one who is still missing barista-level coffee.

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was $8.99

Everyone I know has been cooking more than usual this year. Which means they've been using their knives more than usual this year! Knives dull with use and dull knives are dangerous. (Look at this chain of events, will you!?) Sharpening knives can be complicated, but this little guy takes the guesswork out of the equation.