Stephen King Just Tweeted His Recipe for Microwaved Salmon and It May Be the Most Terrifying Thing He’s Ever Written

published Apr 21, 2022
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Stephen king
Credit: Getty Images/Joe Kohen

Stephen King fans may be used to reading scary scenes from the master of horror while turning pages, but nothing prepared them for his latest words on Twitter. He tweeted: “Dinner: Get a nice salmon filet at the supermarket, not too big. Put some olive oil and lemon juice on it. Wrap it in damp paper towels. Nuke it in the microwave for 3 minutes or so. Eat it. Maybe add a salad.”

His 6.6 million followers were horrified. And who can blame them? The thought of microwaved salmon is like a page right out of your favorite terrifying novel.

“This may be the shortest horror story you’ve ever written,” commented one fan. “Remind me never to buy Stephen King On Cooking,” another posted.

Stephanie Ruhle, NBC News senior business correspondent, weighed in, “The smell of microwaved fish is more horrifying than anything you have penned & I say this as an admirer who can barely watch a trailer or see a book jacket with your name on it without getting next level scared” — to which one commenter replied, “I’m married to a salmon fisherman and I agree with this 1,000,000,000% also a huge @StephenKing fan but come on man. No. Never.”

We admit his recipe makes us shudder a little, too. We suggest, instead, you consider trying this recipe for Perfect Sheet Pan Lemon Pepper Salmon with Easy Crispy Potatoes or even ordering this mail-order salmon, both of which are scary good.