The Game-Changing Cleaning Tool I Think I’ll Love More Than My Dyson

published Jan 15, 2020
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I know it’s a controversial idea, but I personally welcome the gift of cleaning tools. My husband surprised me with a Dyson cordless vacuum for Mother’s Day one year, and it’s still one of my favorite gifts ever. He didn’t even attempt to wrap it and instead left it on the front porch and had me (and my very excited face) open the door. That gift showed he was paying attention to something I wanted but wouldn’t buy for myself and that he knew me well enough to know it would make me happy. He did good, and that Dyson has made my life easier every single day since he gave it to me.

Not that I’m leaving any hints or anything, and granted, I may enjoy cleaning and organizing more than the average person, but I now have another cleaning tool at the tippy top of my wish list: The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer.

Not only could I clean floors without products and without leaving behind any wetness that could damage them, but I’d be even more excited to use the nozzle and other attachments to tackle small-but-tough spots with zero additional sprays, or potions, and no elbow grease.

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Here’s where I’d use it:

  • My tile floors
  • Grout in the kitchen and and bathroom floors
  • Tile and grout in the showers
  • Kitchen backsplash grout
  • The jacuzzi nozzles in my bathtub
  • Window tracks
  • The oven interior
  • The oven hood
  • Filter grates
  • Upholstery
  • The seats in my car
  • The carpet in my car
  • Rubber mats in my car
  • The grill

I feel like this steamer, similar to the Dyson, would make my daily (and weekly, and monthly, and all of it, honestly) cleaning so much easier. I think it would be one of those things where’d I’d encounter a grimy, stubborn mess and then get a delighted twinge, “YES! I get to use my steam cleaner and it’ll be awesome!” I picture so many thrilling before and afters in my own house, by my own hand, and a sparkly clean that follows every wave of my steamy magic wand.

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