Staub Just Launched a Stackable Cookware Collection That’s Perfect for Small Kitchens

published Aug 6, 2021
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Enameled cast iron cookware is a must-have for any home chef. These hardworking pots and pans have all of the superior heat-retention and durability of bare cast iron, but they’re much easier to care for and clean. There’s just one problem: Typically, our favorite cast iron pieces, like Dutch ovens and braisers, are large and take up precious cabinet real estate. That’s why we’re so excited about Staub’s new Stackable cookware collection. It’s nothing short of space-saving genius.

The collection, available exclusively through Williams Sonoma, features a dynamic set of Staub’s high-quality enameled cast iron cookware. But here’s the best part: All the pieces are stored inside one another, like stackable nesting dolls. In other words? Your biggest space hogging-pots and pans just got an organizational upgrade. The 3-piece set retails for $449.95 and comes with a Dutch oven and braiser, while the 4-piece set goes for $579.95 and includes a Dutch oven, braiser, and fry pan. Both sets come with a universal lid that fits all the pieces, so you can cook up everything from fish to soup to fruit cobblers with ease.

Staub is one of our favorite brands of cookware, thanks in large part to its thoughtful construction — the heavyweight cast iron gets hot (and stays hot) without any variability, and the slightly textured interior encourages better browning. The new Stackable collection takes the cake, though: It comes with everything you need to meal prep throughout the year, and is much more affordable than buying each type of piece “a la carte.” 

Dutch ovens are perfect for fall and winter stews and soups, and that braiser will carry you through the warmer months, too — it’s great for sautéing, searing, and roasting, in addition to braising. Spring for the 4-piece set, and you’ll see why cast iron makes for the best frying pans (hello, golden-brown perfection!).

One of the best parts about Staub’s enameled cast iron pans is the brand’s selection of gorgeous exterior colors, and the Stackable set is no exception. Both 3- and 4-piece sets come in two different colors — an inky sapphire or a rich grenadine — and are available right now for pre-order at Williams Sonoma, with shipping expected to begin September 1. One thing’s for sure: You won’t find this many Staub pieces at such a low price anywhere else.

Buy: Staub Stackable 3-Piece Set, $449.95, and 4-Piece Set, $579.95