This Staub Bakeware Set Is Just $50 Right Now and Perfect For Spring Cooking (and Beyond!)

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Zwilling Bakeware Set
Credit: Courtesy of Zwilling

It’s often said that there are two types of people in the kitchen — those who cook and those who bake, and rarely do they agree on cookware essentials. But sometimes a versatile piece comes along that both sides can agree is a worthy investment. Or in the case of Staub bakeware, investment pieces, like the Two-Piece Oval Bakeware Set. The versatility, durability and let’s be honest, gorgeous exterior, makes the set an amazing cookware and serverware combo, no matter what savory or sweet dish may grace the table. And since there are two in the set, you can try your hand at both. Best of all? The set is currently on sale for only $50 (normally $120). So even if the conundrum of cook versus baker never gets solved, at least we can all agree that this Staub sale is an incredible deal for any who enjoys creating dishes.

Let’s talk versatility first. Staub’s ceramic can be used safely in the microwave, broiler, and oven up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. So whether you’re heating up leftovers, getting that perfect brown crust on your cauliflower mac and cheese, or trying that seasonal fruit cobbler, the dishes will cook evenly no matter the heat source. The ceramic is also refrigerator and freezer-friendly, so you can meal prep in advance and pop them straight into the oven when you’re ready to cook. The 11-inch larger dish is ideal for main dishes like casseroles or larger sides like fancy dauphinoise potatoes. Use the smaller nine-inch for tons of other side dishes like this easy boxed shortcut recipe or save room for the perfect plum dessert.

Like other Staub products, the bakeware is also super durable. The ceramic is impact and thermal shock resistant, which means it won’t crack or chip after a few transfers from fridge to oven. The glass porcelain finish is highly scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about metal utensils or heavy-duty aluminum foil creating little nicks inside or out. Those gorgeous, vibrant colors stay intact even after years of use. Did I also mention they are dishwasher safe? See, I told you — versatile and durable.

If you happen to be the elusive hybrid cook and baker, you know how difficult it can be to find the room to store all the various dishes, pots and pans. Since this bakeware is so stunning, it replaces the need to buy serving dishes. Plus, this two-piece set stacks together, making them easy to store, saving space as well. And since you just saved a ton of space, here’s a reminder that Staub has some other great, versatile pieces on sale. Make a main, side, and dessert with this three-piece baking set (or this one!), or get ready for corn and peach season with a sturdy grill pan.

So, does it really matter if you prefer to cook or bake? Nope! Because even if you venture over to the other side, investment pieces like Staub’s bakeware will be there to help you prep, cook and serve whatever your heart (or stomach) desires.

Buy: Two-Piece Oval Bakeware Set, $49.99 (normally $120)