Staub Launches New Color, Stick Resistant Braisers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Staub is going all Anderson Cooper on us this summer. Graphite gray is the newest color for Staub’s enameled cast-iron cookware.

Though this understated color does not show well in photos, the sophisticated and cool shade got us a few compliments while we had it out on the stove top the past couple of weekends. Staub tells us they created this color to compliment stainless steel appliances, white kitchens, and white serving dishes.

Staub also just announced a new Honeycomb Collection offering “a natural alternative to nonstick coatings.” The honeycomb pattern embossed into the bottom of these pots is stick resistant. In our test of this gray honeycomb braiser (as pictured, $188.95 at, we didn’t have any problems with sticking. But keep in mind that sticking isn’t usually a problem when doing a long, slow braise in a heavy pan like this.

We’re more accustomed to the light interiors of Le Creusets Dutch ovens, but found that we could quickly adjust to the Staub braiser’s black interior. We’ve never had a cast iron shape this wide and shallow before and think it may become a kitchen favorite.

Besides graphite gray, Staub is also available in royal blue, basil, grenadine, yellow, and restaurant-style black matte.


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