5 Can’t-Miss Deals From Staub’s Massive Cookware Sale (Up to 65% Off!)

published Jun 29, 2020
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Brett Regot

What’s better than a summer cookware sale? A sale from a brand whose heirloom-quality items will carry you through summer and beyond! Such is the case with Staub’s cookware event, which offers up to 65% off some of their cult-classic pieces (cocotte, we heart you), as well as gorgeous items from parent company Zwilling’s other brands, including Demeyere. Staub’s cookware is typically a big investment, but since everything they make is so versatile, these will be your go-to pieces no matter the season. We’ve rounded up five must-have kitchen finds below, but you can check out the full sale here! Free shipping is offered on orders over $49, and items ship in 1-2 days, so you’ll barely have to wait to use your new cookware!

Credit: Zwilling

1. Staub Cast Iron 10-inch Pure Grill

We love grill pans at Kitchn, and while they’re not a replacement for an actual gas or charcoal grill, they do let you mimic the grilling flavor we all love without stepping outside. This gorgeous 10-inch grill pan is available in four colors, and its ridged, matte surface is great for creating flavorful and beautiful grill marks on meats, paninis or vegetables. Use it to cook delicate items that may otherwise collapse or fall through grates on a regular grill, like ripe peaches, halved tomatoes, asparagus or shrimp — you get the idea! The pan is safe to use on all cooktop surfaces and is oven proof up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buy: Staub Cast Iron 10-inch Pure Grill, $100 (normally $229)

Credit: Zwilling

2. Staub Ceramics Rectangular Baking Dish Set

If a better baking dish set exists for making all of the fruit crumbles, cornbread and layered dips on tap for this summer, we’d like to see it! These stackable rectangular baking dishes are the perfect size for summer roasting and baking, but can also be used to marinate meats before grilling or for serving foods you’ve taken off the grill, like corn or chicken breasts. When the weather cools, use them for comforting lasagnas, warm desserts and roasted veggies. Staub’s ceramic stoneware is known for its heat retention, and since it’s glazed in beautiful enamel, it can go right from the oven to the table.

Buy: Staub Ceramics Rectangular Baking Dish Set, $50 (normally $120)

Credit: Zwilling

3. Staub Cast Iron 5.5-qt. Round Cocotte

Staub’s cocotte goes on sale often, but this is a great deal on their all-purpose 5.5-quart model (44% off!). While cocottes are often associated with cold-weather cooking, there’s a lot you can make with them in the summer, including pulled pork for sandwiches, small batches of chowder or even this beautiful one-pot ratatouille. Many of us are still making bread every week (I don’t plan to stop anytime soon!), and a cocotte is one of the best methods for getting soft centers and crunchy crusts. The cookware’s heavy construction heats evenly and retains a steady temperature, so it’s perfect for slow-cooked braises. The inside of the lid has small spikes that release condensed liquid back into the pot, so food stays moist and full of flavor. Whatever you’re making, Staub’s cocotte is an indispensable kitchen tool 12 months a year!

Buy: Staub Cast Iron 5.5-qt. Round Cocotte, $260 (normally $464)

Credit: Zwilling

4. Staub Cast Iron 12-inch Round Steam Griddle

One of the most impressive items in this sale is the 12-inch steam griddle, which is a whopping 65% off! If you’ve ever tried to pan fry a chicken breast or a burger, you know it can take a while to fully cook the center, often causing the meat to dry out. This griddle has Staub’s signature textured black matte interior, which is praised for its ability to develop incredible browning and flavor. But the key is the domed lid, which allows you to add liquid like stock or wine to finish the cooking. Food will retain its natural moisture and pick up additional flavor from the fond that releases from the pan during steaming. The griddle’s roomy capacity is also great for searing and steaming vegetables, potstickers and braising greens. It’s a perfect pick for anyone trying to cook with a bit less fat.

Buy: Staub Cast Iron 12-inch Round Steam Griddle, $130 (normally $371)

Credit: Zwilling

5. Staub 10-inch Fry Pan

A good fry pan is a kitchen essential! Staub’s cast-iron fry pan is ideal for browning meats to perfection, whipping up everyday eggs and even taking dinners from the stovetop to the oven to the dinner table. The cast-iron finish offers even heat distribution while the sloped sides make it easy to flip pancakes, eggs and more! It’s already pre-seasoned, so it’ ready to go right out of the box.

Buy: Staub 10-inch Fry Pan, $130 (normally $243)