The Food Storage Bags We Love Now Come in Festive Fall Colors — and They’re 20% Off

published Oct 19, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

One of Kitchn editors’ most loved kitchen storage brands is having a major week — and we’re so here for it. Sustainable kitchen storage staple Stasher just announced a Spooky Sale with 20 percent off sitewide through October 22. It’s the perfect time to start — or expand — your Stasher Bag collection.

Right now, the sustainable brand is expanding their classic sets in extra-seasonal colorways, including the newest addition, appropriately named “Spooky.” This set, like all of their seven-piece starter kits, comes with a range of their most popular shapes and sizes to get you started, but the new spooky season shade collection — a combo of blues, muted yellow, and purple — will get you in a cool-weather mood. They also offer a “Fall” colorway that has us feeling equally seasonal. Shop some of our favorite picks on sale, below.

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was $92.99

This set (with its new "Spooky" colorway) will have you spooked by plastic bags for all of eternity (which is just about how long plastic bags last anyway). Including two snack-sized stashers, one stand up mid-sized, two sandwich, one half gallon, and one ultra-cute mini stasher, whether you're converting your kitchen to a plastic bag-free zone or looking for a way to organize your purse or backpack, this is the ultimate stashing pack!

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One of many great multi-packs the brand offers, this collection is ideal for those who want their Stasher Bags to be lunch-functional, whether that’s packing kids’ school lunches or your own for work. The set includes three sandwich-size bags and two snack bags, each in a different gorgeous desert-style shade (it’s called Mojave, after all).

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was $137.99

If we’ve got you fully hooked on the Stasher Bags lifestyle and you’re ready to just totally commit, this set might be the very best way. It’s a massive nine-piece medley set (though those who are extra extreme can go for 13 pieces!), which includes all of their most classic pieces, including sandwich stashers, snack stashers, half gallon, mega stashers, and plenty more, all in a range of colors. Plus, with any multi-set, you save 5 percent by buying the collection versus piece by piece (not to mention the 20 percent off sale happening now!).

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was $29.99

Standing in a category all its own, this jumbo bag not only has a major capacity for storing tons of leftovers, produce, picnic supplies, or just about anything else, but it was also designed with a flat bottom so it stands up tall, even once it’s filled with food. Seriously, though, this thing has almost a gallon of capacity for whatever you want to throw in it. (For those who prefer a smaller stand-up option, they have that too!)

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was $36.99

Picture your classic disposable quart-size plastic bags, but massively sturdier and endlessly reusable and you’ve got a great picture of this bag. But better yet, this is a set of two, so you’re already even more on your way to filling your kitchen with Stasher Bags and creating a sustainable kitchen.

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was $60.99

If sandwiches are your bread and butter (literally), you could skip the extras and opt for the full sandwich bag set, which includes five of their famous sandwich bags, but each in an ultra-unique, stunning striped multi-color print. (The peak level for packing your kid’s lunch in style.) If they’re more into the snacks than the sandwiches, though, they also have a full snack set.