Stasher’s Popular Reusable Bag Drying Rack That Sold Out Twice Is Finally Back in Stock — Get It Before It’s Gone!

published Jan 23, 2023
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Stasher Silicone Reusable Food Bags
Credit: Product: Courtesy of Stasher

It’s no secret that our editors are more than a little obsessed with Stasher’s reusable silicone bags. Before we discovered them, we (of course) had Tupperware and other reusable plastic containers at our disposal for storing leftovers. But, when it came to taking snacks and perishable personal items on the go, we were resigned to single-use Ziploc bags, which are not only bad for the planet, but also quite flimsy. In contrast, each Stasher bag is leak-proof and virtually impenetrable thanks to its strong seal and thick material. And, they’re completely reusable! The only downside for those who don’t already own the product I’m about to mention is that food storage bags — eco-friendly or not — are notoriously difficult to dry. Their narrow opening means that if you don’t manually wipe them dry with a towel, they run the risk of holding moisture and, in turn, breeding mold and bacteria.

Fortunately, the great minds at Stasher thought of the perfect solution: this bamboo drying rack, made with the express purpose of holding your silicone bags until they’re fully dry. It’s nothing short of brilliant.

The design of this rack is beyond simple: Pull your Stasher bags over each row of cylindrical spears and let them air-dry without any more work on your part. One rack can hold up to seven bags at a time, or as many as four bowls. You can even prop plates between the rows and glasses over each pillar if you run out of space on your regular dish rack. Stasher customers clearly love this product, since it has already sold out twice! That’s why you’ll want to buy your own fairly soon. “Works exactly as it should!” one reviewer wrote. “Holds my Stashers perfectly to dry quicker and takes up just a little room on my counter. I put a small drying cloth under it to catch the drips. Perfect!”

What’s also of note is that the drying rack is made of compostable bamboo should you ever have to part with it (not that you’d want to!). It also sports a minimal, compact style that will neither take up too much counter space, nor stick out obtrusively amid the rest of your kitchen gadgets. You’ll feel even better about your purchase when you remember you’re helping contribute to a more sustainable planet. The fact that the rack is only $13 doesn’t hurt, either!

Buy: Bamboo Drying Rack, $12.99