The Brand Behind Our Favorite Reusable Food Storage Bags Just Launched Sealable Bowls

published Mar 25, 2022
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Credit: Lisa Freedman

Plain and simple, we could all use fewer plastic bags. Sure, everyone wants to do their part to cultivate a cleaner future, but plastic bags can be so hard to give up because, let’s be honest, they’re just so convenient. Switching over to BPA-free plastic containers or multi-functioning mason jars can be a good move, but when it comes to curbing that plastic bag tendency, we were so happy to find a solution that keeps our fridges clutter free and also cuts down on our expenses. Stasher, the reusable food storage bag brand we love, is always coming out with fun new colors and helping us perform a wide variety of kitchen tasks. Boasting a range of sizes and styles, these food storage specialists have taken the internet by storm with their one-of-a-kind products. Recently, these sustainably minded pioneers debuted another novel way to store food, and (dare we say) we like it just as much as we do their original bags.

Drumroll please… introducing Stasher’s latest creation, the Bowl. This sealable, leak-proof, reusable solution doubles as an easting vessel and reusable bag. Sounds pretty rad, right? We agree. Available in five sizes — and in bundles of three or five — the all-new bowl is our latest eco-friendly favorite find.

Because (just like their OG design), these bowls are constructed from food-grade platinum silicone, they’re free of BPA, BPS, lead, latex, and phthalates. Translation: You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaking into your food, and they’re safe to use in the dishwasher as well as for tasks like cooking ala sous-vide or heating up leftovers in the microwave. And these bowls hold much more than just the solid stuff! With Stasher’s patented leak-free Pinch-Loc seal, you can grab them for soups, broths, or marinades — or even as a makeshift on-the-go water bowl for your pup.

Credit: Lisa Freedman

Our executive lifestyle director Lisa tried out the ingenious storage solutions. “These new bowls are ridiculous. In the best possible way,” she shared, “I love their shape and that they stand up on their own while I’m filling them or, um, eating directly from them. (The shape also means they come fully clean in the dishwasher because there are no folded corners for gunk to hid in.)”

“But most of all, I love the super-secure seal. Just look at this water test I did!” (See photo at the top of this article.) “I trust the seal so much, I would have held the bag over my work laptop. That’s how much I trust the seal, but I didn’t want to needlessly worry our IT team!” ‘

There aren’t many food storage solutions you can say that about!

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