Start Your Holiday DIY Projects Now!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever smacked your forehead in December, wishing that you had started a DIY food gift earlier? Well, now is the time to do exactly that. Things like homemade vanilla and booze-spiked fruits are best when given several months to steep and mellow – not to mention the infamous fruitcake (which can be really delicious when you make it yourself).

While I’m loathe to introduce the idea of the winter holidays here in the first week of August, there are some homemade edible gifts that need to be started now if you want them to be ready in time for gifting in December. Read on for a list of recipes and ideas and let us know what DIY gifts you’re starting on right now.

Of course, many people are already canning and preserving the bounty with an eye to holiday gifts. Receiving a jar of apricot jam in December is a different thing than receiving one now, after all. But there are many other ways to capture a bit of sumer for those cold, dark months. Here are a few projects from The Kitchn that need some lead time before they’re ready:

What holiday project are you starting on right now?

(Image: Faith Durand)