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This Homemade Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap Dupe Will Help You Cut Down on Your Trips to Starbucks

published Apr 2, 2022
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Breakfast staples like pancakes, oatmeal, French toast, and cereal have always been some of my favorite dishes, no matter the time of day. As a child, I was the one who was elated when the cafeteria’s lunch special of the day was breakfast. As I’ve matured, however, I’ve expanded my breakfast palate beyond the most sugar-filled favorites of my youth.

While other people may be able to say they just “grew out of it,” my transition began when I worked in the mall and tasted my first Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap from Starbucks. Although I wanted to enjoy one every morning shift, I quickly realized that the daily trip could add up on my monthly expense report. So I was quite pleased when I discovered this homemade cost-saving alternative to the Starbucks’ favorite from fitness enthusiast Jada Asgar (@healthicaaa) on Instagram.

The quick and easy recipe only requires a few ingredients to have you feeling ready to tackle the day ahead of you. Start by adding spinach and tomato to your pan. Jada uses cherry tomatoes, but those in-the-know recommend sun-dried tomatoes, as it delivers a similar taste to the Starbucks wrap. Next, add four egg whites to the pan, using your spatula to scramble the mix as it cooks.

Before it’s done cooking, add your feta cheese and place the scrambled filling onto your tortilla wrap. Season your egg scramble with black pepper and pink Himalayan salt, then fold the tortilla to secure the mix inside of it like a burrito. Then, place the wrap in the pan to let it brown on both sides. When done, cut it in half and enjoy the savory entrée.

While you’re in the making-things-at-home spirit, don’t forget to add this delicious homemade creamer to your morning coffee to complement the meal. And for the mornings that offer a little extra time, these creamed spinach scrambled eggs are a special treat.