Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Cookie Straws Hit Grocery Stores Next Week

published Aug 10, 2018
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(Image credit: A. Aleksandravicius)

I don’t know how fall manages to sneak up on me every single year, but it’s done it again. I’m still trying to figure out swimming lessons and what’s the best kind of sunscreen to buy, and the shops are already full of Halloween decorations and now Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice products will be in grocery stores next week (!!!).

This year the coffee chain is introducing Pumpkin Spice Cookie Straws. You guys, cookie straws!

The cookie straws are long, thin, toasted white chocolate wafer cookies rolled into straws and lined with a layer of white chocolate and pumpkin spices. The chocolate layer lets the cookie straw maintain structural integrity in liquids, so you can use it as an actual straw to drink your iced latte, milk, LaCroix, or whatever beverage you like. Go ahead, put it in a cocktail. It’ll probably be great.

(Image credit: Starbucks)

A container of 20 cookie straws will sell for $6.99, and I predict a lot of people will wind up eating the whole box before actually getting a pumpkin spice latte to dunk them in. (Me, I’m talking about me.)

In addition to the cookie straws, Starbucks is introducing K-cups full of pumpkin spice-flavored ground coffee. They already had pumpkin spice latte K-cups, but these will be great for any pumpkin spice lovers who don’t always want a full latte. Both of those will join the cookie straws in stores next week along with Starbuck’s pumpkin spice ground coffee, bottled PSLs in individual servings and large jugs, and Starbucks Via Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Every year Starbucks covers the world with pumpkin spice in the fall, and then takes it away at the end of the season. But stock your pantry with enough K-cups and PSL bottles, and you could probably keep the pumpkin spice party going all summer if you wanted to.