Starbucks Is Coming Out with a New Color-Changing Cold Brew in Asia

published Feb 20, 2018
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(Image credit: Starbucks)

Do you love the colorful, Instagram-ready swirls of the Unicorn Frappuccino, but want something to drink that is not an enormous sugar bomb? Well, Starbucks is coming out with a new kind of color-changing cold brew coffee that is like drinking a rainbow in a glass — a very caffeinated rainbow.

According to Delish, Starbucks’ new Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew is a layered coffee drink, and it gets all swirly and psychedelic when stirred. The bottom layer is made of butterfly pea flowers, which is a beautiful, edible purple plant that grows all over Thailand and makes a wonderful herbal tea that is a vivid blue color in the cup. The next layer is pale yellow lemonade, and the addition of citrus makes the blue herbal tea look bright purple instead.

Over that, they’re pouring a layer of Starbucks’ cold brew iced coffee. Visually it’s gorgeous, and the flavor profile sounds delightful and refreshing. It’s an iced coffee with flowers and citrus flavors. I’m ready for spring just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, the Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew is a limited-edition drink that’s available right now, but only in Asia. So the rest of us will just have to look on in envy, or try to make our own DIY versions at home. You can buy butterfly pea flowers on the Internet, and after that, it’s just a matter of brewing some tea and layering it with lemonade and iced coffee. (Making layered drinks is not as difficult as it seems — just pour the second and third layers slowly into the cup over the back of a spoon, and remember you’re about to swirl it with a straw anyway, so don’t worry if the layers aren’t completely perfect.)

And in the meantime, those of us who live in areas where we can’t get the new color-changing cold brew can all just cross our fingers and hope that butterfly pea flowers become trendy enough that Starbucks will bring its butterfly pea lemonade drinks to the rest of the world, too. If you’re lucky enough to try one, let us know how it tastes?

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