Starbucks’ New Valentine’s Day Drink Tastes Like a Chocolate-Covered Cherry

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(Image credit: Starbucks)

If the first thing you do when presented with a box of Valentine’s Day candy is hunt around for the chocolate-covered cherries, you are going to love Starbucks’ new limited-edition Valentine’s Day drink. As of February 7, Starbucks will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new Cherry Mocha, but it will only be available through the 14th.

Starbucks’ new Cherry Mocha is made with mocha and cherry syrup, steamed milk, and your choice of regular espresso or Starbucks’ new blonde espresso. It’s also covered with a thick crown of whipped cream and crushed red and chocolate candy sprinkles on top. It’s available hot, iced, and as a Frappuccino from now until the end of Valentine’s Day. (Although if you wind up loving it, remember that it is sometimes possible to keep ordering Starbucks’ limited-edition drinks after the holiday, as long as the shop has the syrups in stock.)

According to Today, the new Cherry Mocha is very sweet. Very, very sweet. It’s sweet even for a Starbucks limited-edition holiday drink. But a lot of people seem to be loving them.

Not everybody is a fan of cherry-flavored foods, though.

Cherry can be a bit of a polarizing flavor, quite possibly because many of us have such strong memories of drinking cherry cough syrup as children. Some people grow up loving the stuff, but others developed a negative association, and even the scent of a Cherry Jolly Rancher brings to mind old Robitussin. But if you’ve been waiting all year for a big heart full of chocolate-covered cherry cordials, this new drink might be worth a taste.

Will you try the Starbucks Cherry Mocha?