Starbucks Is Introducing the One Thing That Can Make Your Iced Coffee Even Better

published May 19, 2017
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Your iced coffee from Starbucks might just get a whole new makeover. Starbucks is currently experimenting with coffee ice cubes, which means your favorite summer beverage won’t be diluted after a few minutes in the sun. The new offering is coming to select franchises and it’s going to cost customers 80 cents more. But what people get in return may be well worth the extra money.

The coffee ice cubes will not be made from leftover coffee. Eater reports that the coffee ice cubes are made with Starbucks coffee and are delivered to the 100 participating locations, which means they’re not made on site by hand by a barista.

The real question is how these ice cubes will alter the flavor profile of different drinks. Coffee cubes will slowly, but steadily, make a drink more bitter as the cubes melt into the beverage. Those who prefer a stronger taste will likely enjoy this, while those don’t like bitterness may want to switch up their milk, creamer, and sugar ratio.

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Unfortunately, it’s only here for a limited time — eight weeks — and it’ll be available at 100 Starbucks locations in two cities: St. Louis, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland. “As a company, we often test new products, programs, and ideas to gather feedback from our customers and partners (employees),” a spokesperson for Starbucks tells CNBC.

Those who can’t get their hands on the coffee ice during its limited trial can always DIY it at home. Homemade coffee ice cubes can be made with fresh or leftover coffee, and they only need about four hours in the freezer before they can be used.

Have you tried coffee ice cubes? Did you like the way they made your drink taste? Let us know in the comments!