Starbucks Debuts Limited-Edition Springtime Cups

updated May 1, 2019
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People love Starbucks. People love taking pictures of cute food and drink items. People love things that are limited-edition. Throw all that together and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a big success on your hands. When, however, Starbucks introduced its cheery red and white seasonal snowflake cups 20 years ago, it couldn’t possibly have imagined how people would clamor and squeal

every year

Now that spring is here, maybe it’s time to think pink (or, at least, pastel).

(Image credit: starbucks)

For the first time ever, Starbucks is releasing celebratory springtime cups. The cups come in pastel shades of blue, green, and yellow, and they will grace U.S. and Canadian Starbucks stores starting March 16.

Some cups will feature plain white dots and others will feature seasonally inspired hand-drawn designs like a sun, a bunny, and an umbrella for those April showers.

Cute limited-edition cups with adorable drawings is pretty much social media gold, so expect to see these pretty pastels all over your Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat feeds.

(Image credit: starbucks)

Starbucks was the center of a lot of controversy in 2015 for holiday cups that were deemed too plain and not celebratory enough of the season. It came under fire similarly for a limited-edition green cup promoting unity and peace that people mistakenly thought was replacing the traditional red cup. Additionally, it’s taking many steps in different directions this year. Some notable changes include terminating the “Evenings” after-hour wine and tapas concept, adding high-end “Reserve” and “Roastery” stores, and experimenting with a line of affogato dessert drinks.

The cups are only around for a limited time, just like the spring weather, so grab them while you can before the idea of a hot beverage practically makes you melt into the pavement with the summer humidity.