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I Tried the TikTok Starbucks Carrot Cake Latte Hack — Here’s My Honest Review

published Apr 4, 2023
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starbucks cold brew using the tiktok carrot cake hack order sitting on counter
Credit: Cory Fernandez

When April rolls around, nothing hits the spot quite like a slice of carrot cake. Although many people have their variations, the classic combination usually involves spice cake, nuts, tender shredded carrots, and cream cheese frosting.

Although you might not always have the time to prepare a homemade carrot cake, you can emulate the beloved spring dessert in your morning pick-me-up. In other words, the next time you make a stop at your local Starbucks, try this hack for making a carrot cake–flavored iced latte.

This festive idea comes from TikTok via megan..brooke. In the video, brooke explains the simple order: 2 pumps chai concentrate, 2 pumps toffee nut syrup, 1 pump brown sugar syrup, triple shot blonde espresso, with oat milk and ice. Lastly, just give it a quick stir.

I tried this order for myself to see if it really evoked the flavors of a traditional carrot cake or (like with a lot of custom drink orders) ends up being a sweet, sugary overload. I was excited to try this ahead of Easter and didn’t feel too bad, as it’s not a super-complicated order.

Credit: Cory Fernandez

My Honest Review of the Starbucks Carrot Cake Latte

Overall, this drink was really tasty and had major carrot cake vibes. It had a good amount of sweetness, and the spice from the chai is just the right amount. My initial fear was that it would be way too sweet to really appreciate the carrot cake–adjacent flavor, but it didn’t go overboard. 

I think it is smart to get a third shot of blonde espresso. In my opinion, this prevents the drink from being too sweet. You could also go for an espresso from a darker roast and/or just ask for less milk, similar to if you were ordering a cortado rather than a latte. 

Although the drink was great on its own, the only recommendation I might make is to consider using the ground cinnamon topping that Starbucks often offers at the station with the napkins and sweeteners. I prefer a cinnamon-y carrot cake and thought the drink could use a tad bit more.